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Your children will love the balloons, juggling, magic tricks and silly songs that Randy shares as he talks about a tiger with too many tails, a giraffe with a sore throat, a puppy who needs to learn to obey, and other exciting animals!


Randy Christensen is a professional entertainer and speaker known for his creative and inspiring presentations. As a variety artist, Randy has presented programs for over thirty years for schools, churches, businesses, conferences and community programming across the United States and in seven other countries.

Other Fun Shows From Randy... 

The Anti-Bullying Show

Randy uses his eye-catching, attention-grabbing methods to talk about the important values of respect, acceptance and kindness. Randy delves into the mind and motivation of bullies and shares positive practical ideas on how to handle bullying situations.

Climbing the Ladder of Education

Randy combines physical comedy, slapstick, skits and illusions to help children realize that higher education makes it possible for people to help others! Children are challenged to set higher goals academically so they can make a difference in this world.

“Building A Circus” With Simon De Clown

Traditional circus-styled clowning wins the crowd as Randy Christensen (as “Simon De Clown”) turns any audience's hesitations on their head by bringing big laughs and genuine giggles from all ages. Children learn about fun circus acts, positive animal care, and watch Simon as he attempts numerous circus acts to their delight while encouraging reading.
“It’s fun watching the kids slide closer and closer to the front throughout the show! You can tell they LOVED Simon De Clown.” – Librarian

You Can Do It!

Randy will have kids giggling, clapping and cheering during this fun show that encourages everyone to not give up, but keep on trying! Magic, mime, a tightrope walking flea, and Chuggles the Cho Cho help children realize that “You Can Do It!”

Storytime with Randy

As a professional storyteller, Randy tells his favorite stories in unique ways. Families and kids will be captivated by not only the methods but the stories themselves.

The Great Adventure

Randy Christensen uses magical illustrations, stories, puppetry, juggling, balloons and comedy mime as he encourages kids to embrace the great adventures of life.  Randy's comedy antics will make 'em laugh.  The magical stories will make 'em wonder.  The simple truths will inspire them to jump into the stories of adventure.
Length Of Program:
45 minutes
Recommended Age Range:
Any age
Recommended Group Size:
Space Requirements:
Stage preferred but not required. Minimum 10’ deep, and 12’ width for presentation.
Set-Up & Tear Down
30 minute set-up / 20 minute tear-down
Supplies Provided by Venue:
Sound system preferred, but not required. TBD.
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