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Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Dance like no one is watching? or simply learn a new skill to share? This entertaining program is designed for kids of all ages and abilities, to explore different ways of playing with a hula hoop. This classic toy has recently resurfaced as a tool to foster creative dance, while also improving balance and coordination. Not to mention, we have a lot of fun with them too!  Hooperina uses her hula hoops to engage participants in a variety of interactive games, activities, and performances. Join Hooperina and Circle Up!


Ashley Sacarelos, aka Hooperina, fell in love with hoop dance in 2008. Hula hoops took over her life and she has since taught hundreds of classes throughout the Twin Cities metro. Hooperina encourages kids to be creative when playing. Her workshops emphasize the importance of self expression, teamwork, and an active lifestyle. She is inspired by the children she instructs, and thrives off of their contagious energy. In addition to offering educational entertainment, Hooperina also performs at birthdays, community events, and corporate parties.
Length of Program:
1 hour
Recommended Ages:
Recommended Group Size:
Up to 60
$125 each additional 1/2 hour
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