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First Steps is exactly that – a beginner Cyr wheel workshop dedicated to those looking to explore Cyr wheel for the first time. Students will learn basic riding positions to spin and waltz, as well as multiple safe and effective mounts and dismounts. The core riding element will be supplemented with off-wheel manipulation and cooperative drills and exercises. Students will learn these moves while receiving a thorough explanation of Cyr wheel physics and theory that will allow them to train safely and progress with the material covered well after the workshop.

No prior experience necessary!

Space Requirements: hard, flat surface and large open space. Ideally, a gymnasium, dance studio, etc.

No additional equipment needed.  
Length of Program:
30 – 45 minutes
Recommended Ages:
Recommended Group Size:
Up to 20
Additional Requirements:
300 sq ft and non carpeted surface
$135 each additional 1/2 hour
If you have any questions or would like to book this program please contact us: