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Looking for something that feels like being a human gyroscope? Or feels like having your own self sustainable roller coaster ride? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you! Introducing an art form under twenty years old and growing worldwide, I give you the cyr (seer) wheel! This well rounded workshop will give students the history, application, and direct experience of what it is like to create movement inside the cyr wheel. Along with live demonstration students will learn basic movement on and off the wheel to understand the needed physicality and grace. Side effects include amazement, excitement, increased focus and inspiration to try something new.
Kailen continues to push the envelope of what is humanly possible with dance and the movement arts. The moment he saw the cyr wheel in action he knew it was an art form he would fall in love with and looks forward to sparking that feeling in someone else. His many years of practice and experience in teaching paves the way for an extremely fun class.
Length of Program:
30 – 45 minutes
Recommended Ages:
Recommended Group Size:
Up to 20
$135 each additional 1/2 hour
If you have any questions or would like to book this program please contact us: