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Drum & Dance

magic mania


Ages:  5+ 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  1 hour 

Kevin Hall, (Semifinalist - America’s Got Talent!) presents these amazing shows. They include comedy, magic, wacky escapes, appearing students, choppers, psychic babies

and even floating teachers!

(ask about optional Balloon Spectacular)

      Magic Mania Shows: 

  1. Magic Maniac Show - Kevin turns the kids into stars with tests for the strongest, smartest, bravest & nicest kids in the world! The “Giant Wand” finale has to be seen to be believed!

  2. Kids Mania Show - Kevin combines magic with contests, games & prizes. (Magic Spelling Test, Fool a Maniac Challenge & more!) Very interactive!  

  3. Amazing Audience Show - Kevin “discovers” that the kids possess amazing magic powers! When he gets them on stage and they find all their classmates applauding for them, their self-esteem goes through the roof!

  4. Maniac Dance Party - The kids will really burn up energy with this show! Costumes, props, lights & more! Our most talked about show!

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