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Funtime Funktions is an entertainment booking agency, offering the widest range of



in the midwest.

Mr. Fun


"Stephen Poreda"

As far back as I can remember I have been driven by curiosity and a desire to play. This didn't always sit well with my school teachers, tho I was always able to get my work done & gave myself plenty of time for fun. My love for kids led me to become a teacher for several years after college. 


I discovered a passion for juggling in the mid 90's and started a toy company, manufacturing juggling supplies to help fill in a much needed niche in the market. This toy venture brought me into the entertainment arena and led to the eventual creation of FUNTIME FUNKTIONS!

My life's work has always been a dream come true... 

So, whats new with MR FUN? 

At the request of my god-daughter, I have become a licensed officiant and will be presiding over her wedding and possibly more to come down the aisle. And so, I wonder ... how can weddings be more fun? 

You never know where life will take you or

how FUN it can really be!

History of Funtime  Funktions

Mysitk Toyz, founded in 94' manufactured and supplied skill toys

to specialty toy stores across the united states.

  • We introduced Juggling Sticks to the market and grew our Toy Team members to teach, play, and perform at local retail outlets throughout the country. 

  • Starting in the early 2000's we brought our toys to festivals & events through an interactive play-space we called our "SPIN ZONE". It wasn't long before we were performing and oftentimes on stage with some of our favorite musicians.! We also discovered fire dancing at this time which took things to a whole new level...

  • Through my time in the toy industry, I met some toy makers who were bringing educational programs to schools. This prospect was super exciting to me, so I developed a fun program called "Global Games" that I've brought to hundreds of schools, libraries, daycares and community events and have taught thousands of kids!

  • As I was now beginning to teach and perform more, I needed a new company geared towards entertainment, and so, Funtime Funktions was born!  Our mission has been to offer diverse, quality entertainment and educational programs.  Our network of artists, entertainers and teachers is huge now, covers 12 states in the upper midwest and grows almost daily... 

I'm grateful for every day I get to play!

We value

the courage to be creative,

and the

will to thrive! 

the power of play

Our Eventertainment mission is to offer a wide range of quality entertainment to make every event more FUN! 

Our Youth Program mission is to curate a diverse range of programs that encourage learning through play.  

Team FuN   

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our small dedicated team is devoted to ensuring your event is funtastic!

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