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traditional folk music & dance from the
andes mountains

$445/60 Mins
$550/90 Mins - 2 Hrs

South American:
$350/ 60 Mins
$425/ 90 Mins - 2 Hrs


This colorful educational program teaches about the indigenous people, traditional instruments and beautiful dances from the Andes Mountains. Kids will learn words in Spanish as well as indigenous languages by naming the instruments, rhythms and songs of the people of this region.  This fun and informative program includes interactive songs with fun call and responses as well as dancing using traditional clothing and playing traditional instruments.  

Ages:  all 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  1 - 2  hours 

 Traditional Instruments:

  • Siku, Zampoña

  • Quena, quenacho

  • Charango

  • Bombo

  • Pifanos

  • Rondador

  • Cajon

  • Native American Triple Flute

  • Congas

  • Tormento

Traditional dances

  • Tobas

  • Caporal

  • Huayno

  • Diablada

  • Cueca

Vladimir was born in Arica-Chile which limits with Perú in the north and Bolivia in the west. He moved to Minnesota in 2005 and has been perfoming and teaching traditional Andean music in the Twin Cities for more than 10 years. Vladimir is the musical director of the local band Alma Andina and the singing mother and son duet Ina-Yukka. He is also a sound technician, soccer coach, and a teaching artist with Kairos Alive!, a nonprofit organization which provides intergenerational dance and storytelling programs to the community. 

Traditional Folk Music & Dance
from the Andes 

Traditional Folk Music & Dance
from South America

This music performance includes traditional latin rhythms, indigenous flutes, percussions and vocal harmonies and can be performed as a main act and/or as background music for any type of event. Vladimir plays many instruments at the same time as a "one man band'. Some of the instruments he plays are the guitar, charango, cajon, bombo, and pan flutes and other indigenous flutes.

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