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Ages:  all 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  45 min 

Your children will love the balloons, juggling, magic tricks and silly songs that Randy shares as he talks about a tiger with too many tails, a giraffe with a sore throat, a puppy who needs to learn to obey, and other exciting animals!

Randy Christensen is a professional entertainer and speaker known for his creative and inspiring presentations. As a variety artist, Randy has presented programs for over thirty years for schools, churches, businesses, conferences and community programming across the United States and in seven other countries.

Space Requirements:

Stage preferred but not required. Minimum 10’ deep, and 12’ width for presentation.

Set-up & Tear-Down:

30 minute set-up / 20 minute tear-down

Supplies Provided by Venue:

Sound system preferred, but not required. TBD.

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