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Drum & Dance

 wearable arts 


$575 + $175
each additional 30 mins

Ages:  5+ 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  1 hour 


Presented by Iny asian Dance Theater

Wearing beautiful Hmong Ceremony Costumes,

we will take you through a journey with color and textile to portray the Hmong Wearable Arts (Embroidery/Ethnic Garments/Dance Costumes, and Story Clothes). Each Hmong subgroup have different costumes and highlights each tribe’s identity. Through lecturing, costume demo and a slide show, our workshop examines the transformation of Hmong costume from China, Laos, and Thailand to the United States and how it has changed and integrated with both traditional and modern elements which are showcased throughout the Hmong New Year Celebrations. Students will make and decorate a simple Hmong hat to take home. We offer a number of performance options of different lengths and complexity. These can be ranged from one hour with a 3-person team demonstration to full Hmong Costume Showcase!

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