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Drum & Dance


$200 up to 10 kids
$15 each additional kid

Ages:  7+ 

Group Size:  20+ 

Duration:  1 hour 

For Beginners

Supplies Provided

This hands on learning experience uses modular origami to demonstrate the simplicity of fractal geometry. Fractal geometry is found everywhere in nature including the human body itself. A brief discussion with examples will also be given to help students understand this basic concept. Modular origami is the linking together of multiple origami units to create a larger structure. Each student will learn to create basic origami units and then combine them together to create an ornamental polyhedron. This workshop is designed for ages 10 and above. A simpler "Intro to Origami" workshop in available for kids ages 7+.


Benjamin West is a northeast Minneapolis artist with a primary focus on sculpture from hand crafting origami ornamentals to 3d printing manufactured models. Originally a painter, Benjamin journeyed to Japan to study the art of sumi-ink paint otherwise known as Zen painting. While living in the monasteries in his search of a painting teacher what he instead found was a practitioner of origami and immediately fell in love with the meditative and joyful nature of paper craft.

Today he's happy to share the delights of turning a flat piece of paper into three dimensional sculpture through using only your hands, a little bit of puzzle solving and a lot of imagination.

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