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Drum & Dance


$550 - 1 Show
$900 - 2 Shows

Ages:  5+ 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  35 mins - per show 

In The Fire

Aimee is an extraordinarily talented puppeteer who built her own puppet theater and a host of hand puppets from which she shares two tales that are incredibly engaging and teach valuable life lessons...

Stanley The Sea Serpent, Saves The Sea.

Stanley the Sea Serpent is the Biggest, baddest, creature in the sea until one day, he sees a human throwing garbage into his sea layer.  He must go to the surface and be transformed into challenging characters to confront the culprit…And save his home!

The Looney Bin

Willow the Wolf gets in trouble in town with a stinky skunk…She winds up in “The Looney Bin” with a false accusation and a loon with a laughing problem.  Will her friends Baba Yaga the greatest Witch of all time and Mother Earth be able to save her?  Tune in to find out!

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