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Drum & Dance

Snake, rattle
& roll 


$375 - 

Ages:  5+ 

Group Size:  20 

Duration:  See Pricing 

This popular program focuses on the reptiles and amphibians that call Minnesota and Wisconsin home. The audience will get to watch a salamander eat, debunk turtle myths, touch snakes, and more!


We bring a tiger salamander, 1-2 native turtles 3-4 native snakes, and 2-4 exotic reptiles (just for fun). Quantity of reptiles depends on the length of the program booked.


Large boa constrictor named Doug makes an appearance at all full-length (45-minute) programs! Time is reserved after the presentation to touch and hold the reptiles for a truly hands-on experience!


Safety: Our animals are always in the hands of or closely monitored by a trained professional who knows the animal’s body language. We are careful to instruct people on the proper behavior around the animals to avoid stressing them out. We only bring animals who have years of experience as ambassadors to the public. None of the animals we bring are venomous. We have hand sanitizer for the audience to use after touching the animals as well

30 minute program (pre-k)
15 minutes of reptile handling 

45 minute program (older kids)
30 minutes of reptile handling 

$475 - 

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