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Drum & Dance



Ages:  all 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  1 hour 

african music & Dance

Titambe African Drum and Dance Ensemble was established February 2001 in Copenhagen Denmark as a multicultural performing arts organization. They have performed all over Denmark, in Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and various islands in Europe.


In 2003, the founder and artistic director Christian Yao Adeti relocated to the United States of America and formed another branch of the Titambe Drum and Dance Ensemble Company in Minnesota – Titambe West African Dance Ensemble. They have done African dance performance in various venues in Minnesota, as well as in Texas, Chicago, Wisconsin, among others.


Titambe West African Dance Ensembles mission is to preserve traditional African drumming and dance heritage as well as promoting cultural understanding. This is done by educating audiences of all ages about different African countries through language, music, and movement for a better appreciation of diversity. Through performances and dance lessons in Minnesota, we are able to reach out to the communities.


Titambe Drum and Dance is committed to sharing knowledge, building long lasting relationships with their community and its leaders, and developing professional artists that will produce quality productions. These artists are mainly comprised of Ghanaians, Liberians, Kenyans, Trinidadians as well as American born.


Titambe West African Dance Ensemble has a repertoire of over one hundred authentic traditional drumming, dances, music, story telling, dance drama, reggae dancehall, ndombolo, soukous, coupe decale, among others.


“Titambe West African Dance Ensemble believes that with traditional dance and drum we can gently unlock the ancestral vibration that has been covered for centuries, which involves peace, love and unity.”

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