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Drum & Dance

will hale

$500 - Full Concert
$350 - Acoustic Solo

Ages:  2 - 12 

Group Size:  any 

Duration:  45 mins 

& the tadpole parade

KIDS ARE THE ROCK STARS when they clap, dance and sing with Will Hale. The kid tested and parent approved family concerts of Will Hale and the Tadpole Parade create a fun atmosphere filled with plenty of audience participation, excitement and energy.


Will's concerts make it easy for kids to join in the fun with interaction and activities in every song the first time they hear it.


Kids will enjoy Will's captivating music performances which include a friendly mix of festive drums, guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, but by far the most fun is when the kids pick up their air guitars and jam!


Will Hale performs for 1000’s of kids every year. As a full-time kid’s musician since 1990, Will focuses on engaging kids in direct personal experience to gain useful life skills. Will offers exciting concerts for kids and families, festivals, community events, daycares, elementary schools, parks and recreation, concert series, churches, libraries, private parties and anywhere there are kids!


Will Hale is a *Greatness Amplifier, *Engagement *Specialist and *Experience Generator!

Four performance options

  1. "Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade" Full Concert Solo
    Full concerts are for larger audiences (60-300) - includes Will Hale's sound system or Will Hale can supply a wireless microphone and guitar system with event provided sound systems. 

  2. "Will Hale Acoustic Concert" Solo
    The same fun, interactive concert as a “Full” solo concert for up to about 40 kids with no sound system. Excellent for pre-schools

  3. Tadpole Parade "Half band" 
    A high energy interactive duet show. Good for mixed ages of kids and adults. * Inquire for rates and details.

  4. Will Hale & The Tadpole Parade Band

Be prepared to turn the volume on your air guitar - at least 12!

The complete four piece Tadpole Parade Band is ready to rock.

* All outdoor concerts are considered rain or shine. An advance plan for an alternate site in case of poor weather is recommended

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